Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sheet Music - 10% Discount Day and Christmas Closing Times

 10% DISCOUNT DAY - Saturday 7th January 2012 from 10.30am to 4.30pm
  • COME AND SEE US - we'll be open for anyone who'd like to come and browse through hundreds of feet of wind music on our beautiful North Yorkshire hilltop!
  • DISCOUNT - to make the day even better we're offering a 10% discount on all sheet music and everything bought or ordered by those present on the day.
  • DON'T JUST BROWSE THROUGH IT, PLAY IT - we have an adjoining room where you can play through the music. Stands and an electric keyboard are available if required. Please contact us if you'd like to make use of this facility.
Our contact information and directions are given in the right margin. We look forward to meeting you!

Please note - in case of heavy snowfall we may need to cancel the Open Day. This information will be posted on our Facebook page by 5pm on Friday 6th January, so please check before setting out.

Please note that our office will close at midday on Thursday 22nd December 2011 and will re-open at 9am on Tuesday 3rd January 2012. You can continue to place orders online at any time during this period, but they will not be dispatched until the office re-opens. If you need your order to be despatched before Christmas, please let us know and give us plenty of notice - we cannot guarantee that the music you want will be in stock, but we will do our utmost to get it to you in time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

June Emerson's mail order music company celebrates 40 years

June Emerson and June Emerson Wind Music
are featured in the Gazette & Herald newspaper

June Emerson Wind Music in the Gazette & Herald, Wednesday 9th November

Below is an excerpt from the article on the Gazette & Herald Website:

NATALYA WILSON speaks to a Ryedale artist and musician whose global mail order company, which started as a small concern in her front room, is celebrating 40 years of success.

June Emerson, foreground, and team at the office near Ampleforth, from left, Barbara Jones, Stewart Thorp, Sarah Ware, Jeremy Durant, Rachel Emerson, John Toll and Graham Jeff.
CHILDREN wielding strange-shaped cases containing weird and wonderful instruments at the school gates is hardly an unusual sight, as primary and secondary pupils alike are encouraged to learn an instrument and join their school’s band or orchestra.

Yet rewind several decades and this would have been a much more unusual sight, as peripatetic music teachers weren’t such an available resource in schools and the sheet music that they taught was even scarcer.

This was just the opportunity entrepreneur June Emerson needed when she decided to set up her music publishing and distribution business 40 years ago.

June, herself a bassoonist and teacher, saw this gap in the market and leapt on it, setting up June Emerson Wind Music in 1971.

June Emerson with her bassoon outside her mail order office near Ampleforth

“This was just at the time when teaching of wind instruments in schools was beginning to take off in the UK,” says June.

“Many of my friends, who were also teachers, were finding it difficult to get music for their pupils and that’s what made me start up the business.”

June decided to start this mail order music business specifically for wind players and, with a starting capital of just £11.23 and a great deal of enthusiasm, having developed a love of handling printed music when librarian of the Edinburgh Rehearsal Orchestra (now The Rehearsal Orchestra), she blew away any doubts and entered into it with a sense of adventure that she has applied to other areas of her life ever since.

Starting with music for teaching and branching out into music for professional players, the range grew and now June estimates that she has approximately 40,000 different titles on the shelves of her business, based at Windmill Farm, near Ampleforth.

“I don’t know of any other businesses that do what we do – it’s very specific,” says June, pointing out that they sell printed music for brass, woodwind and ‘those that lie somewhere in between’, such as the harmonica.

As such they order their music from more than 1,000 different publishers worldwide and often send out as many as 100 to 200 orders a day all over the world.

June found out early on that they not only needed to buy in music, but that there was a need to self-publish, especially music suitable to be taught to children in schools.

“We approached some composers to write good but simple music that was worthwhile and possible to play, and that’s how the publishing arm started,” says June. “Now, many exam boards feature our music on their syllabus.”

They have since published 600 different pieces.

June’s business supplies music to individuals and orchestras worldwide, teachers and schools, and has some famous and eminent customers, too.

“Perhaps the Sultan of Oman is the most famous of our customers – he has not only a library of music but also his own orchestra, and we always receive his orders on special headed paper – it’s lovely,” she says.

Other well-known clients include flautist James Galway, the British Library and the BBC, but, at the other extreme, June and her team also number many amateur musicians as some of their most treasured clientele.

“We often get puzzled mothers ring up saying that their child has come home carrying a black case but it needs a book to make it work, so our skilled team, some of whom are players themselves, can talk them through what they need and want,” she says.

June says that many customers have become friends, adding that the company does not have to advertise, relying instead on word of mouth to spread the ‘music’.

Although June stepped down from being so active in the company six or seven years ago, it is still in the hands of the Emerson family, with daughter Rachel being a partner and running the business.

June with her daughter Rachel

June also says that many of the staff are like family, with some having been there for 25 and 30 years.

“It’s a good mixture of musicians and nonmusicians, with a wide range of skills and abilities,” says June. “It’s a very relaxed and happy place.”

June says the success of her business is that they have always stuck to what they are good at, and can do things well in depth, which she believes is more valuable to their customers.

Since passing the business to Rachel, June, who, at 74, doesn’t believe in retirement, has been busy with many other projects. She has taken up painting again and is currently showing her work in a solo exhibition, Oh Wake Up You Flying Bird, at Helmsley Arts Centre – her third there – and is heavily involved in Kirkbymoorside Environment Group.

June with one of her paintings, in the exhibition at Helmsley Art Gallery

“Running the business was so precise. You had to get everything so right the whole time, so my painting means that I can just break loose and turn the brain off – it’s lovely,” she says. “I go into the studio without any idea and come out at the end of it having done something which is as much of a surprise to me as anything else – it’s a complete contrast and exciting and cathartic and I love it.”

Oh Wake Up You Flying Bird runs until November 25. Join June for Sunday Views on Sunday, 1pm-3pm, and on Sunday, November 20, 11am-3pm

Sunday, November 13, 2011

June Emerson Art Exhibition - Helmsley Art Centre

Oh wake up, you flying bird 36” x 32”

Exhibition of abstract paintings by June Emerson with special Sunday views with the artist and wine, nibbles, tea, coffee or cake: Sunday November 13th from 1pm - 3pm Sunday November 20th from 11am - 3pm.

June Emerson with one of her paintings on display
"I want my work to express the richness and excitement that I find in life. From a chance beginning: a shape, a gesture, splash or trickle, I explore and develop it, using colour and texture, until it becomes something that I had never thought of before." - June Emerson

June Emerson's art can also be seen online on her art website:

Exhibition Details
Date: 1st Nov - 25th Nov, daily from 11am - 3pm (Closed Saturday and Monday)
Admission: Free
Telephone: 01439 771700
Address: Helmsley Arts Centre, The Old Meeting House, Helmsley, North Yorkshire, YO62 5DW

About Helmsley Art Centre
Helmsley Arts Centre has gained a nation-wide reputation for its live-event and film programmes, which has grown over time. The venue, which has a 140-seat auditorium and 40-seat studio/exhibition space, has provided film screenings, live music, theatre performances, comedy clubs, art exhibitions and workshops/classes to tens of thousands of people since opening its doors.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Emerson Edition Ltd - New Publications - October 2011

Unaccompanied Flute
Paul Lewis

E627 £5.50 Grade 6/7 Duration 8’40”
Four new jazzy solos for flute: Teatime Jazz, Birthday Blues, Dotted Waltz and Midnight Rag.
ISMN: M-57040-810-8

Flute & Piano
Desert Winds
Michael Regan

E604 £6.50 Grade 7/8 Duration 4’00”
An interesting and challenging suite of movements depicting three types of desert wind: Harmattan, Santa Ana and Brickfielder.
ISMN: M-57040-811-5

Flute Quartet
Geoffrey Walker

E631 £9.50 Grade 7/8 Duration 2’30”
A scherzo for flutes – a modern mystical echo of the magical worlds created by composers such as Mendelssohn and Weber.
ISMN: M-57040-809-2 score & parts

Clarinet & Piano
Brook Green Suite
Gustav Holst, arr. Russell Denwood

E602 £8.00 Grade 5 Duration c.10’00”
Originally written for the string orchestra of St Paul’s School for Girls, this charming suite works brilliantly for clarinet & piano.
ISMN: M-57040-783-5

Clarinet & Piano
Frank Bridge, arr. Russell Denwood

E624 £6.50 Grade 5/6 Duration 2’40”
This is a gorgeous piece for clarinet and piano, adapted from the original for violin/cello, written in 1903.
ISMN: M-57040-807-8

Bassoon & Piano
Fulvio Caldini

E650 £6.00 Grade 8 Duration 4’30”
A challenging, but brilliantly written bluesy showpiece for the more advanced bassoonist.
ISMN: M-57040-813-9

Bassoon & Piano
Autumn Day & Crunch Cat!
Eve Barsham

E626 £6.00 Grade 2/3 Duration 3’30”
Two characterful and contrasting pieces for bassoon – good fun to play and enjoyable to listen to.
ISMN: M-57040-805-4

Bassoon & Piano
Walking Cimbrone
David Dubery

E639 £6.50 Grade 6/7 Duration 3’40”
A characterful concert piece, written for Graham Salvage and inspired by a stray dog encountered whilst on holiday in Italy.

Horn & Piano
For Leah
Arthur P. Barnes

E637 £7.50 Grade 6/7 Duration 6’00”
Written for his granddaughter’s senior year recital, this new piece by American composer, Arthur P. Barnes, makes an excellent addition to the horn-player’s repertoire.
ISMN: M-57040-815-3

Trumpet & Piano
An Excursion
Gordon Carr

E609 £9.50 Grade 8 Duration 10’00”
An exciting new work for the more advanced trumpeter – recorded by Simon Cheney on his CD, ‘An English Trumpeter’.
ISMN: M-57040-804-7

Clarinet, Bassoon & Piano
Eight Pieces Op.83, Volumes 1 & 2
Max Bruch, arr. Russell Denwood
Vol.1: E622 Vol.2: E623
£15.00 each Grade 8 Duration 15’30” & 17’30”
An excellent arrangement of this wonderful set of Romantic chamber pieces. A new corrected edition of the original (for clarinet, viola & piano) is also published by Emerson Edition.

Vol.1 ISMN: M-57040-800-9 score & parts
Vol.2 ISMN: M-57040-801-6 score & parts

Wind Quintet
Five Madrigals
Henk Kox

E632 £22.50 Grade 8 Duration 14’30”
Not easy to play, but a witty and very effective piece in five movements: Leave the Cities, The White Cottage at the River,

Tick-Tack Ticks Walk, Malparthus is Renard’s Home & Cinq Leffes Blondes S’il Vous Plait.
ISMN: M-57040-803-0 score & parts

Wind Quintet
Six Miniature Pastorals
Frank Bridge, arr. Russell Denwood

E618 £16.50 Grade 8 Duration 11’30”
An arrangement of six of Frank Bridge’s Miniature Pastorals, originally written for piano.
ISMN: M-57040-802-3 score & parts

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The New Trinity Guildhall Woodwind Syllabus 2012

The new Trinity Guildhall Woodwind Syllabus 2012 is out this week, with new exam lists for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone and recorder.

They’ve also published two brand new series of books for flute, clarinet and saxophone which will be included on the exam lists: ‘Musical Moments’ is a series of progressive repertoire books, in 5 volumes for each instrument, featuring newly-composed pieces by leading educational composers, plus new arrangements of popular and less well-known repertoire. ‘Mosaics’ is a series of unaccompanied repertoire books containing newly composed solo pieces by Mike Mower and James Rae. As well as addressing specific areas of technique development, these books offer attractive, stand-alone repertoire for beginner to advanced standard players. They’re published in two volumes for each instrument: Book 1 covers Initial-Grade 5 and Book 2 covers Grades 6-8. All the books are listed on the website.

Friday, September 30, 2011

June Emerson Launchpad Prize at Guildhall School of Music and Drama

On Friday, 7th October 2011, various wind quintets compete for the June Emerson Launchpad Prize. The event starts at 2pm. Tickets are free of charge, more information can be found here.

Venue Details


Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Silk Street

Telephone: (020) 7382 7043

Earlier this year, June Emerson Wind Music announced the winners of this year's Launchpad Prize.

About Guildhall School of Music and Drama
The Guildhall School of Music & Drama is one of Europe's leading conservatoires, offering musicians, actors, stage managers and theatre technicians an inspiring environment in which to develop as artists and professionals.

About the prize
The Launchpad Prize was an idea that began as a desire to help young musicians in some significant way. With our limited financial resources it was difficult to come up with something that would make enough of a difference to make it worthwhile. The idea of sponsoring a prize at one of the UK music colleges was something we just couldn’t afford, and we also felt that we’d like to be able to offer something to more than just one college and be a little more ‘hands on’. We eventually decided that we would assist one young (predominantly) final year wind ensemble from each of the major UK music colleges to launch themselves onto the professional circuit.

Monday, September 19, 2011

June Emerson Wind Music at the RNCM Sax Day - Sunday 13th November 2011

We'll be taking all our saxophone music and books off the shelves and over to Manchester for the 11th annual Sax Day at the Royal Northern College of Music. With such a comprehensive stock of music available for you to look through and buy, you can't afford not to come and see us! If you're going to be there and would like music put aside for you, please give as much notice as possible, as some things may be needed to be ordered in, which can take time.

If you haven't yet registered for this hugely popular event, please visit for booking details. This year's programme includes workshops, masterclasses and performances featuring John Harle, Julian Arguelles and Rob Buckland.

About the Royal Northern College of Music Saxophone Day
This year, the 11th RNCM Saxophone Day, we have another action packed day of concerts, masterclasses and workshops for saxophonists of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, covering a wide variety of saxophonic styles and genres. Special guests this year are all UK artists, celebrating the rich tradition of world class saxophone playing that we have in this country: John Harle joins the RNCM as featured classical guest, and Julian Argüelles makes his first appearance at the event as the featured jazz artist, in a duo with award-winning pianist Kit Downes.

As ever, there will be a comprehensive trade exhibition featuring the world’s leading instrument manufacturers, retailers and publishers, plus a series of creative workshops especially for young beginners.

The RNCM is located one mile south of Manchester City Centre, in the heart of the Education Quarter, on the corner of Oxford Road and Booth Street West. Oxford Road connects the RNCM by bus to the City Centre and all of Oxford Road, Piccadilly and Victoria train stations.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Successful Open Day for June Emerson Wind Music

June Emerson Wind Music, Windmill Farm

It was a blustery day up at Windmill Farm, but we were very pleased to welcome a steady stream of customers, some of whom had travelled quite a distance to visit us for the first time.

Among the first-time visitors was a group of six friendly and enthusiastic young players who make up part of Blow Me Down Woodwinds ( – an organisation run by Caroline Leak, dedicated to providing playing and performing opportunities for young woodwind players in Lincolnshire. They had recently been awarded a grant and were looking for lots of new repertoire, so they all made the 2 and a half hour trip to arrive for 10.30am, finally leaving with 2 big boxes of sheet music at 3.30pm! They’d brought their instruments along and treated us to a play-through of many of our flexible ensemble titles.

Other visitors had travelled from as far as Leicester, Nottingham, Harrogate and Hull.

Our next Open Day will be on Saturday 14th January 2012, weather permitting…

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Kudo Saxophone Quartet - Launchpad Winners 2011

The Kudo Saxophone Quartet

The Kudo Saxophone Quartet is comprised of Abraham Mennen, Eleanor McMurray, Amy Green and Rebecca Parrish; a young, lively quartet dedicated to performing contemporary and classical chamber music.

In June 2011 they were awarded the Royal College of Music June Emerson Launchpad Prize. They performed in the Festival of Britain at London’s Southbank Centre in May 2011 and at the Science Museum as part of the 2010 Exhibition Road Music Festival. Other venues have included Somerset House, Lincoln’s Inn and St Stephen’s Church.

The Kudo Saxophone Quartet was formed in September 2008 at the Royal College of Music where they received coaching from Kyle Horch and Martin Robertson and performed in masterclasses with Nobuya Sugawa, Claus Oleson and Frederick Hemke.

For more information and updates join their Facebook Group.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Hafren Wind Quintet - Launchpad Winners 2011

The Hafren Wind Quintet
The Hafren Wind Quintet was formed by a group of friends who began studying as BMus (hons) students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in September 2007. They came together through a mutual love of ensemble playing and their motivation, drive and determination together with their sense of fun, passion and ambition has proved a winning formula. Following the success of their first recital just a few months after their formation, the Quintet have performed at music societies and in concert series across Wales and England, gaining a reputation for exciting and musical playing. Keen to make the best use possible of their creative music making, the quintet have raised money for many good causes and taken part in outreach projects for the Touch Trust and school children both locally and further afield. Lovers of new music, the quintet have performed premieres of many works, not only for wind quintet, but also in collaborations with string quartets, singers, and other performers.

The Hafren Wind Quintet have played in masterclasses with many renowned artists and coaches, their main coaches being Meyrick Alexander (former Principal Bassoon, Philharmonia Orchestra) and Christopher Vale (Sub-Principal Bassoon, Orchestra of Welsh National Opera). They took part in the Welsh National Opera Elgar Project in 2007 and as a result, were asked to coach ensembles at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Junior Department. Many members of the Quintet have since been invited to perform as members of the Welsh National Opera Elgar Quintet. In just their second year at the College, the Quintet won second place in the RWCMD Woodwind Chamber Prize. In 2009 they were invited to be the Welsh National Opera Young Players of the Year, culminating in a performance with the National Dance Company of Wales.

The future looks bright for the talented Quintet. They are grateful and privileged to have won the June Emerson Prize, providing them with support at the crucial time when many members graduate from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. With many recitals and outreach projects to come, the Quintet are looking forward to a great deal more years of very enjoyable music making.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bells Up! - Launchpad Winners 2011

Bells Up! Andrew McLean (horn), Cillian Ó Ceallacháin (trombone), Eoin Tonner (trumpet),
Rachel Brown (tuba), Holly Boddice (trumpet)

“Bells Up!” Brass Quintet was formed in 2009 by a mixture of first and second year students studying on the undergraduate BMus course at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. The brass quintet is young and fresh and there is a surplus of ambition and enthusiasm within the ranks. The members all hail from different corners of Scotland and Ireland which include Dunoon, Carnoustie, Glasgow, Mid-Lothian and Cork. Individually, each member of the quintet is a highly experienced ensemble player. They have experience in orchestral, wind band, jazz band, wind ensemble, brass band and symphonic brass playing, to name but a few.

The group's learning environment offers the expertise of the best professional players and teachers throughout Scotland of which Tony Swainson (former Principal Tuba BBCSSO), Nigel Boddice (former Principal Trumpet BBCSSO), Bryan Allen (former Trumpet Fine Arts Brass) and John Wallace (Principal RSAMD) have offered their advice. Bells Up! Brass Quintet have been fortunate to play in many beautiful places in Scotland including Dunkeld Cathedral and "A House For An Art Lover" in Glasgow. As well as this, the group have performed with numerous Choirs and Choral Societies including Les Sirenes and The Bridge of Weir Choral Society.

Bells Up! performing
This brass quintet are also keen enthusiasts of music education in Scotland and have recently started working with primary schools helping to promote instrumental tuition. Bells Up! are the recent recipients of the Mary D Adams prize for Chamber Music from the RSAMD and were finalists in the Academy’s Governor’s Recital Prize for Chamber Music.

The highlight of the quintet's career so far has been appearing on the Christmas Eve television broadcast for the BBC in 2010 where they were chosen to play as representatives of the RSAMD's Brass department. This can be viewed on the Bells Up! Facebook page.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Les Trois Canards - Launchpad Winners 2011

Les Trois Canards is made up of three postgraduate oboe students from the Royal Northern College of Music. The trio was formed in September 2009 and has already achieved success, having made it to the final of the Woodwind Chamber Music Prize in both 2010 and 2011.

The trio has also taken part in master classes in both Manchester and London. In March it had the opportunity to provide a whole recital programme as part of the Monday Lunchtime concert series at the RNCM.

Les Trois Canards enjoys playing a wide range of music from Baroque to contemporary, as well as discovering some of the lesser known works written for oboe trio. In 2011 they will be recording ‘Intercession’ by James Macmillan to be part of a new CD of woodwind works performed by students at the RNCM.

Vesuvio Wind Quintet - Launchpad Winners 2011

The Vesuvio Wind Quintet was founded in 2006 when its members were all students at Trinity College of Music (now Trinity Laban). Past highlights include competing in the 6th Henri Tomasi International Woodwind Quintet Competition in Marseilles, performing in the 2009 Chiddingly Festival and a recital at the Old Royal Naval College Chapel, Greenwich. In April 2011 the quintet travelled to Saudi Arabia to perform for the International Concert Committee and British International School in Al-Khobar, and at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Thuwal.

The Vesuvio Wind Quintet is focused on performing contemporary quintet repertoire by living British and Irish composers, recently commissioning a new work from Irish composer Cormac McCarthy. They like to combine these works with standard repertoire of both European and British works from early 19th century onwards, alongside solo, duo, trios and quartet works in order to add more colour and interest to their programme.

The quintet is also committed to music education and has enjoyed performing many school and family concerts.

The Vesuvio Wind Quintet is grateful for support from the Fidelio Charitable Trust.

For details on future performances visit

Friday, July 29, 2011

June Emerson Wind Music 2011 Launchpad Prize

We are absolutely thrilled and extremely proud to announce the winners of the 2011 June Emerson Wind Music Launchpad Prize. They are:
Vesuvio Wind Quintet

Trinity College of Music
Vesuvio Wind Quintet

Royal Northern College of Music
Les Trois Canards

Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama
Les Trios Canards
Bells Up!

Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama
Hafren Quintet

Royal College of Music
Kudo Saxophone Quartet

Guildhall School of Music & Drama
to be announced in October 2011
Bells Up!

Royal Academy of Music
- not awarded this year

About the prize
Hafren Quintet
The Launchpad Prize was an idea that began as a desire to help young musicians in some significant way. With our limited financial resources it was difficult to come up with something that would make enough of a difference to make it worthwhile. The idea of sponsoring a prize at one of the UK music colleges was something we just couldn’t afford, and we also felt that we’d like to be able to offer something to more than just one college and be a little more ‘hands on’. We eventually decided that we would assist one young (predominantly) final year wind ensemble from each of the major UK music colleges to launch themselves onto the professional circuit.

The Kudo Saxophone Quartet
The Launchpad Prize consists of practical help including: a substantial JEWM music voucher; dedicated space on the JEWM website; publicity at any time through our online media channels (JEWM blog, Twitter, Facebook etc); editorial coverage wherever possible; unlimited free advertising flyers in JEWM music orders in order to publicise themselves; exclusive access to the JEWM shop with use of all music and facilities; complimentary copies of any existing and future Emerson Edition titles which fit their instrumental line-up; anything else we can think of.

We’d like to wish the 2010 winners all the very best for a successful future. Please support them by going to hear their performances - they’re all incredibly talented ensembles and you won’t be disappointed! They are: Gelachter Trio, Meridian Brass, Carter Quintet, Ellipsis Wind Quintet, Dolce Cinque and Pure Brass.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celebration of 40 years in business for June Emerson Wind Music

 Good food and good company

Saturday 25th June marked the celebration of 40 years in business for June Emerson Wind Music. A select gathering of staff, ex-staff, friends, family and a few music business colleagues got together for an afternoon in the office, being shown round and meeting the current staff, followed by a really memorable evening party in a marquee in the field outside on our hilltop. It was wonderful to see people who had travelled such a long way, people who’d never visited before and so many old friends who used to work here.

  Rachel, Daniel and June Emerson

Mid-way through the evening, June made a short speech to thank everyone for coming, followed by a presentation to two members of staff for their many years of hard work and dedication - John Toll, for 30 years as our accountant, and Tracy Battensby, office manager, for her 25 years with the company.

  Party continued through the evening

The evening seemed to be over so quickly and was rounded off with a firework display. A really good time was had by all!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Supplying Sheet Music for Wind Players for 40 years - June Emerson Wind Music's 40th Anniversary

2011 marks the 40th birthday of June Emerson Wind Music!

 June and Rachel Emerson with sheet music flying in the wind

Having spotted a gap in the market, June started the business with a working capital of £11.23 and no sheet music stock. It has grown gradually over the last 40 years and we now have what is probably the biggest stock of wind music anywhere with over 38,000 titles of music for wind instruments. Catering for everyone from beginners to professionals, we stock everything from exam syllabus repertoire to the obscure pieces that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Ordering from our suppliers at least three times a week and dealing with publishers big and small worldwide, this is probably the only place you'll find such an interesting and diverse selection all under one roof.

None of this would have been possible without a combination of incredibly loyal customers, wonderfully dedicated staff and, of course, the hard work and passion of June Emerson herself.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

New London Chamber Ensemble are to play Jonathan Cooper’s The Funambulist's Daring Feats

Music at Leasowes Bank Festival host the New London Chamber Ensemble with members of the Dante Quartet 
Saturday 30th July 2011 - 8.00pm

Renowned for its innovative programming and attention to musical detail, New London Chamber Ensemble is one of the UK’s leading wind ensembles. Its programmes range from works that form the core of the chamber music repertoire to newly commissioned contemporary pieces. This concert celebrates the music of Martin Butler and the group joins with members of the Dante Quartet to give the second performance of his ‘Rondes d’automne’ which the ensemble will be premiering at the Cheltenham International Music Festival earlier in July, juxtaposed with Spohr’s ‘Nonet in F major Op 31’. Martin was commissioned by Music at Leasowes Bank in 1991 to compose ‘Down Hollow Winds’ and tonight it will have its 20th anniversary performance. With music by Jonathan Cooper and Poulenc this concert is destined to be a fitting finale to the 2011 Festival.

Tickets: £12.00 (adult) £9.00 (under 18) - You can find details on booking tickets here.

 Click the image to view sheet music details in our online store

About Music at Leasowes Bank
Music at Leasowes Bank is one of England’s remotest music festivals. About ten miles to the south of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, between the dramatic rocky outcrops of the Stiperstones and the Long Mynd is Leasowes Bank Farm where, each summer, concerts covering a diverse range of music are held in a converted barn.

For more information on the fesitval visit

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gallimaufry at the City of London Festival

Music in the Yard: Office Musicians of the Year 
Wednesday 06 July
12:30pm - Guildhall Yard

2010 winner Chris Horril performs Jonathan Cooper's new work for clarinet, Gallimaufry. Joined by this year’s Office Musician of the Year and Office Ensemble of the Year 2011. Presented by Music in Offices.

Music In Offices makes music accessible in the work place and shares the many benefits music brings to an office environment. They have set up eleven new office choirs and bring tuition into News International and Norton Rose.

Click the image to view sheet music details in our online store