Monday, August 12, 2019

2019 Launchpad Prize Winners #1

Ensemble Cosmopolitan


Lok-yin Hui - flute
Jessica Vinson - oboe
Michael Choi - clarinet
Robert Mehlig - horn
Leonardo Bizzotto - bassoon


Made up of Hong Kongese flautist Lok-yin Hui, British oboist Jessica Vinson, Korean clarinettist Michael Choi, Swedish/German horn player Robert Mehlig and Swiss bassoonist Leonardo Bizzotto, the group's name reflects the international nature of its membership.
Under the guidance of Laura Jellicoe and Stefano Canuti, the group has performed in various concerts, master-classes and competitions since its foundation in 2018. Notably the group performed in a master-class presented by the Haffner Wind Ensemble, and was recently awarded the Fewkes Woodwind Chamber Music Prize. Also Ensemble Cosmopolitan has been invited to join ChoiMan Company as their artist.
Ensemble Cosmopolitan is delighted and grateful to receive the generous support of June Emerson Wind Music, through their Launchpad Prize.

June Emerson Wind Music would like to thank Suzy Stonefield for organising
the awarding of the Launchpad Prize at the Royal Northern College of Music.


Royal Northern College of Music

Monday, July 29, 2019

Have you ever been to Vienna?

Have you ever been to Vienna?

Alfred Uhl - composer (1909 - 1992)
We were camping in Salzburg with our two children when my husband Geoffrey said 'We're not far from Budapest. Let's go and see the Oromszegis.' That's another story, but Vienna was on the way.
We hit the Vienna ring road in the rush hour. It was raining. We eventually found the exit for a campsite near a composer we knew about, Alfred Uhl. After much wandering we rang the Uhls to say we were completely lost. Alfred sent his grandson Michael to find us, and Michael, on his bicycle led us back to the Uhl's house. We were invited to camp in the garden.
There followed a riotous evening, with much red wine, good food and conversation. (It was around this time that some Austrian wine was found to contain anti-freeze, but I'm not sure that we mentioned it...)
Alfred's wife Frieda told us how their neighbour had recently been sunbathing in the garden with the radio on loudly while Alfred was trying to compose. The neighbour couldn't be persuaded to turn it down, so Frieda fired the garden hose over the hedge and sorted it. She was a loyal and loving wife.
The upshot of this visit was that we published Festfanfare by Alfred Uhl for 9 trumpets, 6 trombones, tuba and percussion. He also allowed Geoffrey to arrange it for 4 trumpets, horn, 4 trombones and tuba so that it would be easier to programme.
Over the following years Geoffrey kept asking him to write a wind quintet for us. Alfred liked the idea, but unfortunately died before he got round to writing it. 
Whenever anyone says 'Have you been to Vienna?' the whole evening comes back - the ring-road, the wine, the laughter and the rain pattering on the tent in the darkness.
June Emerson

PS sorry the photo is so blurred, but it is the most sympathetic picture I could find. He was such a dear man.

E46 Alfred Uhl - Festfanfare
9 tpt. 6tbn. tba. perc.

E235 Alfred Uhl - Festfanfare arr. G. Emerson
4tpt. hn. 4tbn. tba. (perc)

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Beethoven's 5th Bossa Nova

Terence Greaves, when we first met him, was Dean of Undergraduate Studies at the Royal Northern College of Music. A quiet, unassuming academic we thought. However we soon found out about his naughty side. In his earlier life he had been a lecturer at the Birmingham School of Music, where he had contact with the CBSO - in particular the wind section.
It was the clarinettist John Fuest who encouraged him to write for the CBSO wind quintet, which is where Terry's mischievous side came to light. Beethoven's Fifth Bossa Nova is wicked fun to play, and audiences absolutely love it. He went on to write Rimsky's Rumba and Mozart's Turkey Rock Mambo, all of which are published by Emerson Edition. However it is the Beethoven that is the firm favourite, and inspired this jazzy cover from the cartoonist Bill Tidy.
Terence Greaves 1933 - 2009
composer, lecturer, accompanist, and music consultant on ABRSM examinations
E42 Terence Greaves - Beethoven's 5th Bossa Nova
E191 Rimsky's Rumba
E245 Mozart's Turkey Rock Mambo

Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Hunt


The wind quintet line-up appeared just a little late for consideration by the major classical composers. It was not until Reicha and Danzi came along in the early 1800s that it began to be recognised as an ensemble. Although since that time there have been some wonderful works composed specifically for quintet,  there have also been a lot of arrangements, made to fill out the earlier repertoire. String quartets, of course, have a  rich supply of musically satisfying works, many of which have been converted for quintets to play - with varying degrees of success.
Mozart's 'The Hunt' however is a major achievement in this arrangement by Geoffrey Emerson. It is done by someone who knows intimately how each instrument, and instrumentalist, works. Many string quartets have passages ('scrubbing, pizzicato, string-crossing arpeggios and the like) that don't translate musically for wind instruments. These he refuses to arrange as they will never sound convincing.
'The Hunt' however is a supremely wonderful and satisfying musical experience for wind players. If you only try one - try this one!
June Emerson

E28 Mozart 'The Hunt' K458 string quartet
arranged by Geoffrey Emerson for wind quintet



Thursday, May 16, 2019

Horn or Bicycle?

Christine Muskett cycles for charity again..

"Shall I bring my horn or my bicycle?" is the usual question when Christine Muskett comes to Yorkshire. Whenever she comes we try to organise a quintet session, or she visits our local orchestra. The bicycle option is for keeping her muscles in trim and enjoying the fantastic countryside in this part of North Yorkshire.
Every summer Christine cycles for a chosen charity. This year is is for Dementia UK, a charity that makes a huge difference to people's lives. She will be cycling C2C2C2C (Close to Coast to Close to Coast) covering a distance of about 450 miles. This is as nothing to someone who did London to Paris in two days a few years ago.

Please support Christine's ride if you can:

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Online Oboe Masterclasses

Celia Craig

Celia’s oboe teaching approach comes from a lifetime of experience at all levels – tertiary, school children, adults, professional development of teachers, beginners, workshops and within the industry at the manufacture and design level.
In addition, Celia’s playing experience is second to none, stemming from her own education at some of the world’s top training opportunities, encompassing orchestral, commercial, solo, chamber, lecturing, curating, performance practice and experience upon a number of instruments. Celia’s own teachers and mentors have been superb players and educators to whom she pays tribute as having nurtured her unique outlook which differs from the traditional model of oboe teaching.
Formerly National President of Australasian Double Reed Society, Chairman of BBC Symphony Orchestra, former active member of BBCSO Education program, Music Curator for The National Trust of South Australia, coach for Australian Youth Orchestra and Adelaide Youth Orchestra, State Music Camp of SA, leader of masterclasses and workshops at Elder Conservatoire, Royal College, Royal Northern College, Royal Academy, Guildhall School, Trinity Laban Conservatoire, YST (Singapore) Conservatory, Purcell School and others, Celia is a contributor to the new Arts Plan for SA and committed to improving its outcomes for oboists

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Albanian International Brass Festival

23 - 27 April 2019

Masterclasses by outstanding players from