Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Emerson Edition Ltd - New Publications - October 2011

Unaccompanied Flute
Paul Lewis

E627 £5.50 Grade 6/7 Duration 8’40”
Four new jazzy solos for flute: Teatime Jazz, Birthday Blues, Dotted Waltz and Midnight Rag.
ISMN: M-57040-810-8

Flute & Piano
Desert Winds
Michael Regan

E604 £6.50 Grade 7/8 Duration 4’00”
An interesting and challenging suite of movements depicting three types of desert wind: Harmattan, Santa Ana and Brickfielder.
ISMN: M-57040-811-5

Flute Quartet
Geoffrey Walker

E631 £9.50 Grade 7/8 Duration 2’30”
A scherzo for flutes – a modern mystical echo of the magical worlds created by composers such as Mendelssohn and Weber.
ISMN: M-57040-809-2 score & parts

Clarinet & Piano
Brook Green Suite
Gustav Holst, arr. Russell Denwood

E602 £8.00 Grade 5 Duration c.10’00”
Originally written for the string orchestra of St Paul’s School for Girls, this charming suite works brilliantly for clarinet & piano.
ISMN: M-57040-783-5

Clarinet & Piano
Frank Bridge, arr. Russell Denwood

E624 £6.50 Grade 5/6 Duration 2’40”
This is a gorgeous piece for clarinet and piano, adapted from the original for violin/cello, written in 1903.
ISMN: M-57040-807-8

Bassoon & Piano
Fulvio Caldini

E650 £6.00 Grade 8 Duration 4’30”
A challenging, but brilliantly written bluesy showpiece for the more advanced bassoonist.
ISMN: M-57040-813-9

Bassoon & Piano
Autumn Day & Crunch Cat!
Eve Barsham

E626 £6.00 Grade 2/3 Duration 3’30”
Two characterful and contrasting pieces for bassoon – good fun to play and enjoyable to listen to.
ISMN: M-57040-805-4

Bassoon & Piano
Walking Cimbrone
David Dubery

E639 £6.50 Grade 6/7 Duration 3’40”
A characterful concert piece, written for Graham Salvage and inspired by a stray dog encountered whilst on holiday in Italy.

Horn & Piano
For Leah
Arthur P. Barnes

E637 £7.50 Grade 6/7 Duration 6’00”
Written for his granddaughter’s senior year recital, this new piece by American composer, Arthur P. Barnes, makes an excellent addition to the horn-player’s repertoire.
ISMN: M-57040-815-3

Trumpet & Piano
An Excursion
Gordon Carr

E609 £9.50 Grade 8 Duration 10’00”
An exciting new work for the more advanced trumpeter – recorded by Simon Cheney on his CD, ‘An English Trumpeter’.
ISMN: M-57040-804-7

Clarinet, Bassoon & Piano
Eight Pieces Op.83, Volumes 1 & 2
Max Bruch, arr. Russell Denwood
Vol.1: E622 Vol.2: E623
£15.00 each Grade 8 Duration 15’30” & 17’30”
An excellent arrangement of this wonderful set of Romantic chamber pieces. A new corrected edition of the original (for clarinet, viola & piano) is also published by Emerson Edition.

Vol.1 ISMN: M-57040-800-9 score & parts
Vol.2 ISMN: M-57040-801-6 score & parts

Wind Quintet
Five Madrigals
Henk Kox

E632 £22.50 Grade 8 Duration 14’30”
Not easy to play, but a witty and very effective piece in five movements: Leave the Cities, The White Cottage at the River,

Tick-Tack Ticks Walk, Malparthus is Renard’s Home & Cinq Leffes Blondes S’il Vous Plait.
ISMN: M-57040-803-0 score & parts

Wind Quintet
Six Miniature Pastorals
Frank Bridge, arr. Russell Denwood

E618 £16.50 Grade 8 Duration 11’30”
An arrangement of six of Frank Bridge’s Miniature Pastorals, originally written for piano.
ISMN: M-57040-802-3 score & parts

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