Monday, June 2, 2014

Managing Performance Anxiety

The English Brass Academy presents...

Manage Performance Anxiety
Putney High School, 35 Putney Hill, London SW15 6BH

Manage Performances Anxiety
in a friendly, supportive atmosphere

• Despite hours of practice do you still feel concerned ?
• Do you find it difficult to concentrate when performing?
• Are negative thoughts difficult to shake off?
• Are you able to play well in rehearsal but feel anxious in performance?
• Have you suffered from the physical symptoms of nerves such as fast heart beat, dry mouth or shaking?
Then this course is for you!

Andrew Evans will help you understand those negative feelings, develop
a regime that will improve your performing and help you manage anxieties.
This will be in a comfortable and safe environment - you will be among like-minded
friends - so no intimidation, just practical help and an enjoyable time.
Cost: £65 including lunch

What is the purpose of the course?
• Understand the psychology of performance anxiety
• Achieve Peak Performance
• Develop effective practice
• Handle competitions, concerts and auditions
• Manage adrenalin
• Devise strategies for negative thoughts
• Maintain motivation
• Handle stress and burnout
• Live a healthy lifestyle
• Maximise creativity

Andy Evans - Performance Psychologist
Andy Evans (BA, MA, CPCC) is a psychologist, performance coach, writer and musician.
He was educated at University College, Oxford, the Royal Academy of Music and
the University of Paris VII. He founded Arts Psychology Consultants in 1988, and
has seen well over a thousand performers over the last 25 years both in
private practice ( and for a number of
music academies and arts organisations.
He has been a UK pioneer of performance psychology, and is a frequent broadcaster
and magazine contributor on showbiz and general arts and media subjects.
The latest of his five books is "Secrets of Performing Confidence" (Methuen Drama, 2013)

To book or for more information: or call Paul at English Brass Academy on 01306 508060