Monday, May 23, 2016

One Day Saxophone Festival

London - Saturday 4th June 2016

Ian Stewart writes:

In Notting Hill, London on Saturday, 4th June (2016) there is a one day festival, organised by saxophone player Kyle Horch, concert promoter Richard Carruthers, and myself, celebrating the classical saxophone in chamber music. There are now more pieces being written for saxophone in less usual ensembles and more players performing these pieces. However these works are rarely heard in recitals, hence the reason for this festival.

Most of these pieces are original works for saxophone. There are two works by Berlin composer Christian Biegai, a classical saxophone player himself who also played with Antony and the Johnsons; two works by London based Australian composer John Carmichael, a new work for EWI wind synthesizer by Charlotte Harding, and four works by myself.

Hayley Lambert has been giving concerts under the title of “The Poetic Saxophone” for sometime, with Aileen Thomson, soprano voice, and pianist Paul Taylor. The repertoire for voice and saxophone is still small and Hayley has managed to track down most of them. In this recital, besides the English language settings, Aileen will also be singing in Catalan.

Naomi Sullivan will be performing with viola, tape and piano in various combinations, including the U.K. premiere of Biegai’s TV Nation, for soprano saxophone, piano and recordings of American TV channel hopping. She will also be premiering the revised version of my work “Transit Of Venus” for soprano saxophone, pre-recorded voice and electronics. This work was commissioned for Naomi at the time of the real transit of venus in 2012.

The festival begins with a more traditional saxophone and piano recital by Kyle Horch, who then leads Flotilla in the fourth recital. Flotilla’s repertoire explores reflection, echo, and memory, in mainly contemporary works drawing upon antecedents such as liturgical polyphony and folk music.

Alistair Parnell will be giving a recital for unaccompanied EWI wind synthesizer. Although the keyboard synthesizer is now being used in classical music, this is a rare chance to hear the wind version. The festival finishes with Andy Tweed and Karen Street performing an original jazz set with saxophone and free-bass accordion.

Pianists Pavel Timofeyevsky and Yshani Perinpanayagam will be playing with both Naomi and Kyle, and Naomi’s recital also features Katya Lazareva playing viola and Alistair Parnell sound projection.

The festival runs from 2-9 pm.

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