Thursday, September 13, 2018


Alexandr Manukyan - Professor of Saxophone
Conservatoire, Yerevan, Armenia

Alexandr (Sasha) Manukyan has been teaching at the Conservatoire in Yerevan for many years. At the moment he has 39 students, and the level of their accomplishment is astounding. The Alma Saxophone Quartet is named after the first letters of his name, and 'my boys' can be seen and heard on the following links:

Rimsky Korsakov - Flight of the Bumblebee

Bach - Italian Concerto

Thierry Escaich - Tango Virtuoso

Alexandr is often on the juries of international saxophone events, particularly the Selmer Paris Saxophone Competition. He enjoys friendships with saxophone specialists worldwide, and is always interested to hear what other people are doing. He was  particularly impressed recently with the playing of our own Young Artist Jess Gillam, seen here rehearsing for the BBC Young Musician competition last year:

Jess Gillam 2017

Alexandr Manukyan is on Facebook