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Thursday, April 11, 2019

E 17 Hartley Suite for 3 bassoons

It was that wonderful sound...

Archie Camden - 1888 - 1979
(Halle Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

It was in the summer of 1965 at Queenswood School, Hertfordshire, that I first heard bassoons in any quantity. I was attending one of the Ernest Read summer schools as a helper. When my household duties were finished, I was allowed to play second violin in the Second Orchestra.
Walking across the netball courts one sunny afternoon I heard this magical pouring out through the open window of a nearby room. Three bassoons playing some joyful music. What a sound!
Straight away I tracked down the bassoon tutor, Archie Camden, and said 'I've decided I want to learn the bassoon!' He smiled and said 'You find an instrument my dear,  and I will give you some lessons.'
Wow! He was Famous! (I only had three lessons from him, but it was a great start.)
One of the other bassoonists on the course had an instrument to sell. When I got home I borrowed money everywhere possible and bought it. I was hooked for life!
Several years later the 'joyful music' that I had originally heard on that memorable day came into my hands, through some friends.: Suite for Three Bassoons by Geoffrey Hartley.
In 1976, with joyful gratitude, Emerson Edition published it.
June Emerson
E17 Hartley - Suite for Three Bassoons
Hornpipe, Waltz, March