Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celebration of 40 years in business for June Emerson Wind Music

 Good food and good company

Saturday 25th June marked the celebration of 40 years in business for June Emerson Wind Music. A select gathering of staff, ex-staff, friends, family and a few music business colleagues got together for an afternoon in the office, being shown round and meeting the current staff, followed by a really memorable evening party in a marquee in the field outside on our hilltop. It was wonderful to see people who had travelled such a long way, people who’d never visited before and so many old friends who used to work here.

  Rachel, Daniel and June Emerson

Mid-way through the evening, June made a short speech to thank everyone for coming, followed by a presentation to two members of staff for their many years of hard work and dedication - John Toll, for 30 years as our accountant, and Tracy Battensby, office manager, for her 25 years with the company.

  Party continued through the evening

The evening seemed to be over so quickly and was rounded off with a firework display. A really good time was had by all!

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  1. What was John and Tracy's presentation? They probably did a dance or a duet. Hmm. I'm curious about John though… Being an accountant for 30 years is great. He probably had many experiences at work, especially those about dealing with financial flaws. What is the most unforgettable one?

    Darcy Grubaugh