Thursday, February 8, 2018

Happy Birthday to 'Big Noise'
10 Years old in 2018

Big Noise, Raploch, Stirling, Scotland 

 Big Noise is run by the charity Sistema Scotland, and transforms the lives of children living in disadvantaged communities. The symphony orchestra, and learning a musical instrument, are the tools used to equip children with a range of social and life skills: confidence, resilience and aspiration.
Big Noise works across four communities, with more than 2,500 children, from birth to adulthood, in school and nursery, after school and in the holidays. It enables children to reach their full potential, and to bring about permanent social change in their communities.
It was started by Richard Holloway, who went to Venezuela to see how Sistema worked and then  set about making it all happen initially in Raploch, Stirling.

2008 - 35 Children
2010 - 317 Children
First Side-by-Side concert with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
2012 - 428 Children
2013 - Launch of Big Noise, Govanhill, Glasgow
2014 - 1100 Children
The Big Trip to Venezuela
2015 - 2000 Children
Launch of Big Noise, Torry, Aberdeen
2016 - Side-by-Side Concert with BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
La Mortella - Concert tour to Italy
2017 - Launch of Big Noise Douglas, Dundee

2018 - 2,500 Children
10th Birthday Celebrations

For more information, or to make a donation, go to:

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