Thursday, August 31, 2017

2017 Launchpad Prize Winners #3


Aesthesia Saxophone Quartet

(Royal College of Music)

The Players

Jonathan Vaux - soprano sax
Daniel Scott - alto sax
Stephanie Frankland - tenor sax
Ashley Brand - baritone sax


The London based Aesthesia Saxophone Quartet is an award-winning chamber ensemble from the Royal College of Music, studying under Kyle Horch. Despite having only recently formed in September 2016, the members (Jonathan Vaux, Daniel Scott, Stephanie Frankland and Ashley Brand) have developed a strong affinity with one another, and this is apparent through their communicative approach to performance.At the 2017 Nordic Saxophone Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, the Aesthesia Quartet performed in a masterclass with Evgeni Novikov, following which they were asked to also give an evening recital. Closer to home, they were given the opportunity to play in a masterclass led by Melanie Henry.Recently, the group were awarded the June Emerson Launchpad Prize in the Royal College of Music’s Woodwind Chamber Competition and are supported by Talent Unlimited.

June Emerson Wind Music would like to thank Alice Kelley for organising 
the awarding of the Launchpad Prize at the Royal College of Music.


Aesthesia Saxophone Quartet

Royal College of Music

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