Friday, January 1, 2016

Special Offer

Special Offer - 20% Discount 

during January & February 2016

More Graded Studies for Flute Books 1 & 2
by Sally Adams & Paul Harris
More Graded Studies for Clarinet Books 1 & 2
by Paul Harris

More Graded Studies for Flute & Clarinet brings together study repertoire in four unique collections. Featuring core works from established composers alongside exciting new material not seen before, plus specially composed studies by Paul Harris, Sally Adams and others. Each study lists its key ingredients and invites players to consider additional key elements as well. This enables teachers and students to link the studies to their current repertoire and technical work in a truly Simultaneous Learning way.

This offer is exclusive to June Emerson Wind Music!
Click on the images below to get your copies:

Flute Book 1
Flute Book 2
Clarinet Book 1
Clarinet Book 2

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