Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Midst of Life: Celebrating the Life and Music of Stephen Dodgson

The Midst of Life
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The English composer Stephen Dodgson sadly died earlier this year. He was a prolific English composer, and we were lucky enough to have published a few of his wind pieces.

The pieces we publish are:
  • O Swallow! for alto flute & piano
  • Bagatelles for clarinet quartet
  • Baermann's Treasure & Baermann: The Sequel for clarinet & piano
  • Gipsy Songs for mezzo voice, clarinet & piano 
To be published this October:
  • Five Occasional Pieces for flute & piano

The Midst of Life: A Hearty Celebration of the Life and Music of Stephen Dodgson, in aid of the MAE Foundation, will take place on Thursday, October 3, 2013 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at 

The Tippett String Quartet
John Williams (guitar)
Maggie Cole (harpsichord)
Richard Harvey (recorder)
Zone 6 Brass Quintet
Benedict Cruft (violin) 

 and more... subject to availability.

The Tippett String Quartet, who have recorded all nine of Stephen Dodgson's quartets, and John Williams, who has played his music for 57 years, lead this wide-ranging celebration of his life and work.

This celebration of Stephen Dodgson is raising funds for the MAE Foundation, which aims to provide musical instruments and music teaching to thousands of refugee children from Burma in the jungle refugee camps along the Thai border.

Despite the changes now taking place in Myanmar, the children in these camps -- more than 60,000 of them -- will still be living in temporary, leaf-roofed huts in the jungle for years to come.

The MAE Foundation, set up three years ago by Richard Harvey, a former student of Stephen Dodgson, is already helping more than a thousand of these bright, enthusiastic refugee children learn to play music together.

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