Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Launchpad Winners Gelachter Wind Trio visit June Emerson Wind Music

Last Monday we had a visit from the Gelachter Trio, one of our Launchpad winners. They had traveled up from London, spent a few hours here and then went back down again, all in the same day. They were such a lovely group and it was great to listen to them playing their repertoire – obviously all very talented musicians.

Gelachter Wind Trio with Rachel

Here's an excerpt on the day from the Gelachter Wind Trio website:

On Monday 18th April Gelachter Trio had an amazingly fun road trip up to York to visit the lovely Rachel Emerson who has so kindly been supporting us since last year after our success in the Royal College of Music Chamber Competition.

It was such a useful experience to be able to choose whatever music we liked from the shop and have a play through as sometimes you really can never judge a piece by its cover! We discovered a whole new repertoire that day with some beautiful arrangements of Shostakovich, Bozza and Rameau that we are very keen to programme into our up and coming recitals! We came away hours later weighed down with new music and heading back for London very sleepy but very excited for our next rehearsal.

Thank you again Rachel for a memorable day :)

If you wish to purchase music we highly recommend their store so please visit them at

Read the whole story on their website:

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