Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Emerson Edition Ltd New Publications - January 2011

"Long may Emerson Edition prosper and flourish!
They are a leading light in wind music."

- Leslie Craven, Principal Clarinet, Welsh National Opera

Emerson Edition Titles are all available from June Emerson Wind Music

Flute & Piano

John Field, arr. Anthony Hedges

E577 £6.50 Grade 7 Duration 5’00”

An arrangement of a lively rondo movement from one of John Field’s very attractive piano pieces.

ISMN: M-57040-764-4

Flute & Piano

Two Little Pieces
Eve Barsham

E576 £4.50 Grade 3/4 Duration 4’00”

‘Dotty’ and ‘Wishful Thinking’ are two contrasting pieces that are as characterful as their titles suggest!

ISMN: M-57040-763-7

Oboe & Piano

Charles Gounod, arr. Lionel Salter

E616 £4.50 Grades 4/5 Duration 2’30”

A delightful little piece, perfect for the younger player. Originally published by OUP, this is a well-deserved return to print.

ISMN: M-57040-795-8

2 Oboes & Cor Anglais

Hautboy Suite
Marion Holland

E594 £12.50 Grades 6/7 Duration 26’00”

A charming and effective suite of movements for oboe trio: Passacaglia, Scherzo, Sarabande and Carnival.

ISMN: M-57040-78606 score & parts

Clarinet & Piano

Trio Movement (from Op.114)
Johannes Brahms, arr. Chris Allen

E606 £5.50 Grade 7/8 Duration 5’00”

A piano reduction of the Andante grazioso (3rd) movement of Brahms’s wonderful Trio for clarinet, cello and piano.

ISMN: M-57040-789-7

Clarinet Choir

Four Dances (from Op.174)
Cornelius Gurlitt, arr. Russell Denwood

E508 £12.50 Grade 6/7 Duration 7’20”

This is a set of four tuneful and jolly dances from Op.174, ideal for the progressing clarinet choir.

ISMN: M-57040-665-4 score & parts

Alto Saxophone & Piano

Chris Noble

E603 £8.00 Grade 8 Duration 7’00”

A challenging and exciting set of 5 short movements in a variety of moods.

ISMN: M-57040-790-3

French Horn

Horn Warm-Ups
Bob Ashworth

E635 £5.00 All grades

A brilliant little A5 booklet of daily warm-up exercises, designed to consolidate techniques and achieve a focused sound. Road-tested by the Opera North horn section!

ISMN: M-57040-812-2

Horn & Piano

Norman Warren

E590 £4.50 Grade 5 Duration 5’00”

A beautifully lyrical piece, perfectly suited to the instrument, from this very English composer.

ISMN: M-57040-791-0

Clarinet, Violin & Piano

Celtic Twilight

Christopher Ball

E619 £7.50 Grade 8 Duration 8’30”

“A pastoral miniature in the best tradition of the English landscapists…” Fanfare magazine, USA

ISMN: M-57040-796-5 score & parts

Clarinet, Viola & Piano

Eight Pieces Op.83, Volumes 1 & 2
Max Bruch, ed. Russell Denwood

Vol.1: E629 Vol.2: E630

£15.00 each Grade 8 Duration 15’30” & 17’30”

A new corrected version of this wonderful set of Romantic chamber pieces. Editorial commentary also available on request.

Vol.1 ISMN: M-57040-798-9 score & parts
Vol.2 ISMN: M-57040-799-6 score & parts

Wind Decet

Overture for Whethoryon Op.80
Judith Bailey

E605 £14.50 Grade 8 Duration 5’00”

An evocative piece for wind ensemble. Cornish for ‘blowers of wind instruments’.

ISMN: M-57040-793-4 score & parts

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